Benefits Realisation Table (Value 25%)

Benefits Realisation Table (Value 25%)

Aim of the Assignment:
•    Application of program management processes via a case study – Benefits Management Plan for the Perth Arena Project which in this instance will be treated as a Program.
Western Australian Auditor General’s Report – The Planning and Management of Perth Arena:

Source: Additional support reading links as follows:

Complete the Benefits Realisation Table:
1.    Treat the Perth Arena as a Program rather than a Project.
2.    Assume that the Perth Arena is 75% complete when writing your benefits table
3.    Identify THREE projects to be entered into the Benefits Realisation Table
4.    Make any necessary but reasonable assumptions and include above the Benefits Realisation Table
5.    Clearly articulate the Problem being solved or the Opportunity being explored for this Program
6.    Only use the template below (similar to what we will use in the Tutorial) for this assignment
Reminder: Benefits are achieved post project (refer to the PowerPoint slides on this topic)

Benefits Realisation Template: (Embedded below – double click to launch)

The assignment must be typed on A4 paper (using one side only) and use the template provided above in single space typing and presented with a cover sheet setting out your name, lecturer’s name, unit title and the topic of the assignment. All papers should be numbered.  All assignments should be thoroughly checked for typing, spelling and grammatical errors before being submitted.

Word length should be approximately (500-700 words)

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