Benefits of adopting IFRS

1. Please read the instruction carefully to avoid unnecessary revisions.

2. This essay is a part of a report. It means there is no need for introduction, background nor conclusion. Only critical analysis is required.

3. This essay needs to critically evaluate two aspects of benefits of adopting IFRS for financial reporting.

4. In the essay, it is important to use relevant studies to support your argument.

5. In page 3 of the document named “Assigment instructions 2015S2.pdf”, a list of research articles is provided. You must use the 1st and 6th article provided and a minimum of 3 articles in the list. In addition, you also need to include other relevant researches as you see fit.

6. Please ensure that two and only two benefits are discussed in the essay. You may need to discuss the benefits at length but please structure the essay clearly.

7. Use headings and subheadings wherever you see fit.
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