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Bed Sores
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Topic: Bed Sores/Pressure Ulcers

I. Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram of Bed Sore Causes

II. Frequency Chart of Bed Sore Causes

III. Pareto 80/20 Histogram

a. The outcome of I & II above will tell us where we will focus our efforts
IV. What changes might be useful based on the causes identified?
a. Based on article research of bed sore causes and prevention
a plain PowerPoint no color/background. Each Roman Numeral on a separate powerpoint. Also along with the powerpoint I need a word document that explains each powerpoint as if you are presenting
it. In addition I need a two page summary on how and what you worked on to create this powerpoint …just explain in 2 pages what you did.
The articles must be peer reviwed and between 2013-2016.
pay extra for the summary, and for the additional pages that you need.

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