Becoming a successful trainer

The Onboarding Essay deals with the synthesis of information. Trainers do a lot of research when they are building training modules. They obtain large amounts of information on a topic. Not all of it is relevant to the participant’s needs. It is important that trainers understand their audience and not waste participant’s time during the training. Here is your first chance to think like a trainer.

Background: You have been asked by your boss, Manager Greg, to give a short speech/ lecture to a group of H.R. generalists about the information in Chapters 1 and 2 of the text book.

The Content: what four major topics would you cover in the speech and why? What would you tell the audience about the importance of each topic to becoming a successful trainer? You can assume that the generalists are new to the H.R. field and know very little about T&D.

You should pick topics that give the H.R. Generalists a greater understanding of the training field and the implementation of successful training. For example, a topic like ‘Trends in Training’ could be one of your four topics. Whereas, a topic like career opportunities (Figure 1 – 4, Blanchard, p.16) probably should not be on your list.

I would like your essay to be short and crisp because that is what participants in training sessions require from T&D professionals. Less than 1900 total words or 4 pages should be the goal. Please do not ask me about fonts, margins, etc. because I do not care about them. Also, do not throw everything in the chapter at me because that defeats the purpose of this assignment. I am looking for critical thinking and a summary of everything in the chapter is not critical thinking.


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