Bad Web Design

Bad Web Design

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this discussion centers on e-commerce, the use of web sites for the buying and selling of goods and services. I want you to look for some product you like on the Internet (books, shoes, sporting goods, etc). Visit as many sites as it takes to compare good and bad website design. Select a site that is poorly designed. Then discuss it on the discussion board.

You first might want to visit link …. It gives great ideas on what NOT to do on YOUR website. Then by next Monday locate a site you consider to be designed terribly. It can be any site as long as it is an e-commerce site: it must buy or sell something, using a check-out method right on the site. It also must be a U.S. site (in English) and make sure it buys/sells something.

Do NOT use Craigslist or E-bay or Amazon or Etsy or Pinterest or any other site that directs you to another site to make your purchase, please.

Also please don’t just go to (a real site) – go to the ‘net, research something you’re interested in, and find a bad site.

Tell us what product(s) you researched; what were you interested in?
Post it here for discussion by giving us the URL of the site or sites if you wish to contrast/compare more than one site.
Tell us why you feel the site you have posted is an example of poor web design. Be specific and use concepts from the “Terrible Design” site.
Discuss whether this site would inhibit the online experience, in your opinion.
What does it say about the company that it tolerates a site like this?
What are the first 3 things you would fix on this site? Be specifc (i.e., don’t just say “the colors”. Tell us why and to what other color scheme you might migrate, for example).
Remember you lose points if you don’t answer all the above,

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