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1. Morality and Good Life
e-text : https://

2. Read whole chapter on Augustine, as well
as the short reading on “The Sermon on the
Mount” (pp. 34-35). There also two weblinks:
a wide ranging essay and a short video.
Both help situate Augustine’s views.
web-link 1:
web-link 2:
3.When you prepare your essay, you have to
be able to answer these questions in some
detail. So, you have to prepare your essay very
carefully so that you touch on the issues asked
in each question. Please focus your essay
around STUDY QUESTIONS #2 (p. 185) and
#5 (p. 186).
Study Question #2 :What is “original sin”?
What importance does it have for ethics? Why
would the theology of good works (advanced
by the monk Pelagius, for example) contradict
the concept of original sin?
study question #5 :. What is Augustine’s view
of virtue, and how does it differ from the one
offered by Aristotle?
4.Not allowed to use other sources. (use
sources provided from professor)
5. Directions for writing assignment: 450
word minimum . Begin the essay with a
direct quotation from Augustine. (Provide
the page number in parentheses after the
quotation.) The quotation is NOT part of
the word total. The quotation must present
an important idea from Augustine that
helps answer the question. Be sure that the
quotation is from Augustine and not from
the editors’ running commentary/
explanation of him. Refer to the quotation
in your explanation, but do not use other
quotations in your explanation. Provide
proper citations when paraphrasing ideas
from the readings.You need to bring
more specific content from the
text and on-line sources into
your discussion.

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