Symbolism in August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean

Symbolism in August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean


Gem of the ocean symbolism

This essay is an in-depth analysis of a particular work or works of literature, which makes use of secondary sources. Because you are writing a paper on a literary topic, your sources will be reviews, literary criticism, and /or essays written by expert authors.
As always, it is important that you write from credible, reliable, and intellectually appropriate sources. Do not use web searches. The essay should be leaned toward the symbolism in the work of August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean. What effects does slavery still have on the characters in Gem of the Ocean, some forty years after its abolition? Why is this important?
1. The paper will be at least 2000 words.

2. You will use at least five secondary sources in addition to the literary text or texts you are analyzing. For our purposes, primary sources include the actual story, poem, or play under discussion while the secondary sources are articles written about those texts.

3. All sources must be correctly documented in MLA style. Refer to your Hacker guide or the Purdue Online Writing Lab ( for reference to this.

4. Your paper will include both in-text (or parenthetical) citations and a Works Cited page. This will not be included in your word count. All works you consult, including the bibliographical information for the story, poem, or play must be included.

Symbolism in August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean

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