Attitude Development and University Adaptation

NAME OF THE COURSE: Attitude Development and University Adaptation

  1. What have you learned in this course that will help you continue to grow as a professional learner in your concentration in terms of the knowledge gained and application to the market place?
  2. How have the course resources, language lab, and activities assisted you to increase your language proficiency in English and in Spanish?
  3. Which specific assignment for this course was your best work? Name one. What makes it your best work? What did you learn by creating it? What does it say about you as a student in regards to your degree concentration? How do you plan to use it in your field?
  4. Which strategies did you use to learn the material in this course? Which were the most effective? Why?


  1. What suggestions would you give other students on using performance portfolios as a showcase of their professional knowledge and linguistic growth as they become a dual language professional in your university?
  2. In which area(s) would you like to continue to strengthen your knowledge and language proficiency skills?
    1. Write one goal for program content and one goal for language development for the next part of term (PT) and express how you plan to achieve it.



Answer of question number 3. I would like to put assignment 2 below is the assignment 2

Evaluate the pros and cons of technological development as it applies to the classroom and academic setting.  After you create the list of advantages and disadvantages of the use of technology in today’s academic settings, write two paragraphs explaining those advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to include your references.


Advantages Disadvantages
Provides Current Information and Wider Access Laziness in Studying
It promotes self-learning. Students can become dependent upon the technology
Makes the evaluation process easier, producing results quickly and without error. It may be that the quality of information to which access is not appropriate or required.
It strengthens the development of significant learning. Loss of skills
The access to learning Centers is easier and have more advantages as for example

Virtual class.


More technologies impact in the economic with less jobs.



The computer is a special tutor when you don’t have your teacher available Students would be distracted by other thing while they doing their homework.


Reduce cost for students and schools, using less personnel, books and others kinds of materials.


Sometimes we lost the human contact to be involved with the technology.





Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education


Education is so far one of the major fields that have felt the impact of technological advancement. Notably, advances in technology and particularly the rise of the internet has made education quite easy. First, it provides students with a wide range of educational resources from a vast number of sources of information. This enhances their learning. Through the internet, it is easy for learners to seek educational information remotely at the touch of a button (Edwards, 2000). The rise of internet-enabled cell phones and iPads has particularly eased education. The internet has bred online learning. Currently, there are online courses which students may enroll on and attain educational qualifications such as first and advanced degrees. In fact, many higher educational institutions such as universities have virtual learning facilities to facilitate learning among students who cannot attend classes in person due to busy work schedules. Although educational technology cannot replace a tutor, its impact on self-learning cannot be overlooked. Moreover, it reduces the cost of education and particularly the cost of purchasing books, paying personnel and other learning materials (Roblyer and Edward, 2000). In the future, it is expected that the internet will have revolutionized education. Internet- enabled gadgets such as tablets, smartphones, iPads and iPods have become a common resource among students. Online learning has made it easy for the working class population to improve their education through online learning. Currently, the level of academic achievement among employees is quite high. The case is attributed to the rise of online learning that has completely revolutionized the education sector in many countries and particularly first world countries such as the United States of America among many others.

Although advancement in technology has made almost all aspects of life easy, it has its share of disadvantages. First, incorporation of technology during learning has made students quite lazy. Instructors often complain that their students mainly copy material from the internet. They do not take time to consult with other useful sources of information such as books among other learning materials found in the library. The emergence of the internet has been associated with increased cases of plagiarism (Sutherland-Smith, 2008). More often than not, students obtain material from the internet instead of conducting in-depth research when completing their assignments. The case is worse for students who study online as they have many other engagements to attend to. Hence, they take advantage of wide range of educational resources available in the internet.

Technology dependency is likely to distract students even when they are in class. The rise in social media sites such as face book, twitter and instagram have particularly made the case worse. Instructors often complain that their students do not pay attention in class (Roblyer and Edwards, 2000). Instead, they surf through the internet to navigate through their social media accounts. Some may be excited by posts on social media sites such that they do not concentrate in class. Technology has an economic impact as it replaces people from their posts. Currently, it is easy to perform a chain of tasks using modern technological devices. Therefore, it replaces personnel; thus, rendering them jobless. When people engage themselves in too much technology, they are likely to lose the human touch. Currently, physical interaction has become a thing of the past as many people have embraced the use of technology.



Edwards, A. D. (2012). New Technology and Education. London: Continuum.

Roblyer, M. D., & Edwards, J. (2000). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Prentice Hall.

Sutherland-Smith, W. (2008). Plagiarism, the Internet and Student Learning: Improving Academic Integrity. New York: Routledge.



Reflexive Diary-Workshop #2

Learning is equivalent to “finding meaning” and always implies the schematization and embodied new experience.  It is a powerful technique that incorporates the personal experiences and the knowledge gained through readings, classroom discussions, and practices. In this week we have the opportunity to do an activities in group where we have to practice our public Speaking.

My primary concerns with public speaking is one of my main concerns is that I don’t control my habit of rushing my thoughts and failing to use correct English grammar because I am used to speaking very fast in my native Spanish language. People may find it harder to understand me and won’t want to listen to me.

I think that make someone a strong public speaker may consider a good public speaker to be someone who makes their subject matter interesting throughout by speaking slowly and clearly, uses colorful words and phrases to emphasize key points, and seems to be very knowledgeable and sincere.

It is easier for me to talk in front of people with whom I am familiar, but there is still an uncomfortable amount of nervousness within me that I try to overcome.

I really need to study the outline and text of my speech may help put me more at ease, as do some actual stretching and motion exercises prior to my speech. I’ve seen it written that some speakers try to find a friendly face in the audience, and adjust the tone and pace according to that person’s reactions throughout. However, making sure to distribute eye contact throughout the audience to keep them involved may be one of those things I need to work to.   As an amateur speaker, I think the most important way to overcome apprehension is to know your material and practice in front of a mirror repeatedly.


Question 4 we put I learned using APA style. Or whatever you want to use.




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