Assignment Qs:

Assignment Qs:
1. What strategies did Harley Davidson adopt to revive its position? (10 marks)
2. How did Harley Davidson use innovation as a strategic tool for creating more and
more satisfied customers over the years? (10 marks)
3. Analyse IDEO’s innovation system in terms of (i) process (ii) organisation (iii) culture
and (iv) management (20 marks)
4. Critically evaluate Digital Chocolate’s product development process (what are the
strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats?) (20 marks)
5. Compare and contrast key differences between Harley Davidson’s, Digital Chocolate’s
and IDEO’s innovation systems (20 marks)
6. How different is the innovation process and its methods when designing new services
as opposed to new products? (20 marks)
• Do not provide basic descriptive answers
• Analyse the material – say something about it
• Critically discuss the content – what is good, what is bad, why?
• Address the impact and implication about the issues
• Use specified books and peer reviewed articles to support your answer
• Feel free to use figures and tables to organise your answers

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