Assignment Instructions:

Assignment Instructions:

Activity 10:
1. Look for a news story from an Islamic news source, centered on Islam and/or Muslims in another country. Coverage of Ramadan is a good topic to focus on for this exercise. See the listing below of sample newspaper Web sites.
2. Look for coverage of the same new story in a major Unite States newspaper such as The New York Times

Examples of Online newspapers (in English)
• Arab News, (Saudi Arabia)
• Tehran Times, (Iran)
• El Ahram, (Egypt)
• The New York Times,
• The Washington Post,
• Chicago Tribune,

1. After completing Activity 10: Media Analysis, compose your response to the following questions.

o What you notice about the way in which the event or story is told? What is the same? What is different? What is included and excluded? (one paragraph)
o Do you see bias in each of the news stories? Are events covered in non-U.S. newspapers that are also covered in U.S. papers? (one paragraph)

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