ASSIGNMENT BRIEF – Things not included within word limit areas such as Title page, Table of contents, Appendices with explanations and references. (Most of these are free features except the appendices)
The details of this are also included in the module handbook, but essentially you have to complete a 2,000 word assignment and submit it by 3pm on Wednesday 9 December.
You must choose an organisation, product, service or brand you are interested in.
Carefully examine and analyse the marketing and other communications of that organisation, product, service or brand. Pay attention to the creativity of the communication and, as appropriate, suggest ways this could be enhanced. You should look at all the aspects of the sensory experience, verbal, visual, audio, tactile and smell.
Any visuals, storyboards, examples of ads etc., should be included in the appendices. There is no limit to what you can include in the appendices, as these do not form part of your word count, but you are encouraged to include relevant photos in the body of your text, as these do not get included in word count.
Outline Syllabus:

Brief history of creativity in marketing – visual and verbal, through post-modernism to new technology.
Consumers as targets – awareness/culture.
Acceptable practice, regulations, social morals and ethics.
Techniques of persuasion – verbal and visual.
Brand and brand image.
Creative innovation strategy.
New media.

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