We are 4 students – group assignment- each student write a part, I’m student No.4, my part is Symbolic Frame.

“Leadership – a subtle process of mutual influence fusing thought, feeling and action. It produces cooperative effort in the service of purposes embraced by both leader and led.”

Student 1 :Structural Frame Another student’s part have done – Take idea
“Leadership is a process whereby leaders influence a group of followers to achieve a common goal. Structural leaders act like social architects and analysts who focus on designing and building an effective organization. They align structures to tasks, technologies and environment in order to achieve established goals and objectives. ”
Leadership following the structural frame is centred upon structuring or designing the organizations to fit the current circumstances by analyzing and implementing the specific rules, roles and policies. Communication on goal achievement through direct instructions and careful supervision is also focused in structural leadership. The efficiency and performance can be increased through suitable forms of coordination or planning and control systems. The effects of structural leadership can be powerful and enduring if structural leaders have the right design for the times and are able to get their structural changes implemented.

Student 2 :Human Resource Frame Another student’s part not finish

Student 3 :Political Frame Another syudent’s part have done-Take idea
“Leadership involves balancing differing opinions through negotiating and or bargaining with the other parties involved. With so many alternate perspectives of how to delegate limited resources it’s important to have one clear directive where everyone even if not initially is now in compliance.”

Leadership following the Political frame is centred upon the control and execution of power, particularly when conflicts arise from differences in opinions, and or situations where a delegation of limited resources is necessary. The political frame whilst useful in unifying groups of differing opinions, may not lead to a result that is in the best interest of the organisation or other employees. It relies upon an individual to leverage their authority to convince other subdivisions of employees to side with their opinion, creating an imbalance of power.

Student 4: Symbolic Frame , Please write it that it is my part [125 words]
Please use this source :
Bolman, L.G. & Deal, T.E. (2013). Reframing Organizations – Artistry, Choice and Leadership (5th Ed). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

For question + Info please go down please  page 2
question + Info
Bolman and Deal’s four frames are based on fundamentally different assumptions about
organisational phenomena. For example, while a person adopting an exclusive structural frame may view conflicts as a symptom of unclear goals or role expectations, a person adopting an HR frame may view conflicts as a symptom of fear and insecurity. A person adopting a political frame would view conflict as a natural state – organisations contain people and groups who compete for resources. A person adopting a symbolic perspective may view conflicts as symptoms of differences in values or as an expression of clashing subcultures. Bolman & Deal (2008 p.345) define leadership as “a subtle process of mutual influence fusing thought, feeling and action. It produces cooperative effort in the service of purposes embraced by both leader and led.” However, this definition may not reflect how each frame taken in isolation may view leadership. Similarly to part 1 of the group assignment – your task is to write a short description of how each frame would view leadership. Write a quote by fictional managers representing each frame in turn. The quote should illustrate how the frame would tend to view leadership. Then explain how/why the quote is linked to its frame. The quote should be short and concise, only one or a few sentences and should contain the word leadership or otherwise clearly refer to leadership as a concept. For the above example of conflicts (which is NOT your topic – this is only an example), a manager adopting an exclusive structural frame could say something like: “Conflicts arise when the goals are unclear or when people have different expectations about what they or others are supposed to do.” According to the structural frame organisational goals are defined by top management and acceptance of these goals is seen as rather unproblematic. Within the group, discuss how each frame would view leadership and agree upon the 4 quotes. A suggestion is that each of you tries on your own first and that you discuss each person’s suggestion.
The written assignment should be about 500 words[each student 125 words], single spaced and in size 12 font.
This assignment should be submitted via Turnitin before 10 October at 11 am.
Note that you can assume the reader knows the theory as described in the textbook. Therefore, DO NOT waste words on repeating what is in the textbook. Rather focus on demonstrating that you have an understanding of the different frames. In addition to the written part, each group should be prepared to make a short oral presentation of their assignment so that we can discuss it in class. A group may be asked to present each of the
four quotes and defend the link to its frame or they may be asked to present only one frame.

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