Assignment 3# Generating an Evidence

Assignment 3# Generating an Evidence

Monday, October 12, 2015
• Visit the website, study it carefully.
• Read the app abstract provided on moodle in Assignment #3 folder.
• Write a one page essay evaluating the app by answering the following questions:
1. Would you consider this app as part of EBM?
? Why? or Why not?
2. Do you believe it is a useful app?
3. Would you use it in your practice?
4. What are some of the obstacles, concerns or risks, if any, to using such app?
• Upload your one page essay to moodle before the due date. Follow the following formats regarding uploaded file names:
Student ID_EBM Essay
• Please include your name and your Student’s ID number on the submitted page.
• Please note that this is not a group exercise, each student should submit his/her own assignment.

• Due Date: November 15th, 2015
• Grading Rubric: 0-5 points for following instructions
0-10 points for answering the 4 questions listed above
A maximum of 15 points
o A past-due assignment will be accepted with my prior permission.
o No late submissions will be accepted AFTER the due date.
o The penalty for handing in an assignment late is a deduction equal to 10% of the assignment’s maximum score per day (including off-day and holidays).

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