Assignment 2: Quantitative analysis

Assignment 2: Quantitative analysis

Choose a pragmatic, business oriented topic. Discuss with lecturer if you are not sure. Make sure you
can find either secondary data (e.g. ABS) or collect your own via a survey. If you want to do the
latter, discuss with lecturer a.s.a.p. and make sure the survey is open for responses at least five
weeks before the assignment deadline.
The essay has to have the form of a brief research report, with sections
? Introduction. This is where the research topic, problem, purpose and question(s) are
described and justified by (limited) literature review.
? Research design. This is where the design (methodology, scope, data collection, sampling,
analysis, et cetera) is described and again justified. The overarching methodology is by
definition quantitative but you should also indicate what type of detailed design as discussed
in week 2 you apply. State and justify hypothesis if applicable.
? Results. This is where results (inferential statistics) and – if useful – some of the data
(descriptive statistics) are described. Remember, a picture says more than a 1000 words.
Make sure all information included here is effective and crystal clear.
? Discussion. This is where the results are interpreted. How do your findings compare to
literature? Describe how limitations influence the findings or interpretation thereof.
Mention any possibly interesting serendipitous findings.
? Conclusions. This is where you answer the research question. Has to be brief and to the
point. May include recommendations.
? References. List according to Harvard system.
? Annex. Include a full description of your statistical analysis in an annex. Readers do not want
to see that in the main report but it is essential that the information is documented clearly.
An annex is a perfect spot for that. It is also good practice to document the data in an annex,
again there is typically no need to include (raw) data in main report.
The References and Annexes are not included in the word count. Content in tables is not included in
word count.

Assignment 2: Quantitative analysis
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Word Count: 987

Title of report
Main text of introduction…

Research design
Main text of research design…

Main text of results section…

Main text of discussion…

Conclusions [and recommendations]
Main text of conclusions…

Reference list

Annex A [title]
As applicable

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