Assignment # 2

Assignment # 2
Due December 2nd before 5pm
Paper must be submitted on cuLearn
1) What is one thing that you would like to change about how other people think, feel or behave in social situations? When do you notice that this occurs? Amongst whom? Why does it bother you so much?
Examples of social phenomena that you might want to change: littering; giving into peer pressure (i.e., doing things in order to “fit in”); harming of innocent persons; buying into unrealistic/unhealthy body ideals; failing to act rationally during crisis situations; binge drinking/drug use (and other risky behaviours); racism; prejudice; aggression; failure to contribute to group projects; poor group decisions; judging others on their physical attractiveness; failure to help others in times of need; violence toward women; gun violence; viewing violent pornography; divorce; cheating in relationships)
2) Identify and define 2 social psychological concepts learned in class that help to explain why people may think, feel or behave this way in social situations.
3) Briefly describe one study for each of these 2 concepts that explain how these concepts “work”. You will need to find the original articles for the purpose of referencing; however, the studies should be explained in the textbook in at least some detail. If you choose a study that is not cited in the text or lecture notes; please copy and paste “the abstract” of the article to the final page of your paper.
4) Explain how each of these 2 concepts are related to or help explain why people may think, feel or behave this way in social situations.
5) Knowing what you know about these concepts, how can you use this information to change persons in these social situations for the better? Your answer needs to be supported by research presented in class or in the textbook about how to overcome this social phenomena (e.g., importance of minority influence; stopping group think; increasing empathy; decreasing obedience; education; overcoming normative social influence; increasing cooperation; increasing the likelihood of helping behaviours; reducing aggression; strategies for dealing with anger; inducing hypocrisy)
Paper format: 5 pages maximum (excluding title page and references), double spaced, APA formatting (e.g., title page, running header, in-text citations, reference list), 12-point font, Roman Times Numeral. You will be graded on grammar. Be sure to use your own words! No use of quotations. Helpful guide for APA formatting:
Please use the following outline for your paper (total marks: 55):
• Title page (proper formatting – 2 marks)
• Main body (proper formatting – 2 marks)
• Detailed description of the social behaviour/feeling/cognition you would like to change about others (5 marks)
o Concept #1 – definition (no quotations) (3 marks; suitability of choice & explanation)
o Concept #1 – example of a study showing how the concept “works” (design, participants, measures, results, implications) (6 marks)
o Application of Concept #1 to the social behaviour/feeling/cognition. How does this concept help to explain why people think, feel or behaviour this way in social situations? (5 marks)
o Considering what you know about Concept #1, what does the research presented in your text/lectures notes say about ways to chance this social phenomena (include references) (4 marks)
o Repeat for concept #2. (17 marks)
• Summary and final thoughts. (4 marks)
• References (in-text and reference list) (4 marks)
• Grammar (3 marks)
Note: Use of first person when describing own social behaviour; however, when describing the concepts and relevant studies, use third person (e.g., “Researchers have found…”; “This concept has been defined as…” “The results of this study were…”).
Note: Late assignments will not be excepted unless for reasons of illness or bereavement with documentation. The 5pm is strict so be sure to upload the assignment earlier in the day if you are concerned your computer may fail you.

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