Assignment Purpose: to get you thinking about and understanding current epidemiological concerns in the world today and how they will impact the future of epidemiological practices and research.
Instructions: As a future Public Health/ Community Health practitioner or researcher, you will need to be aware of new occurrences related to Epidemiology. Find and submit an article or printout of a story in the newspaper or a journal article related to community heath with a short narrative. The article will ideally be a current story or study that was published within the last few months (no older than 1 year). The write up will include a short summary of what the article covered, how it relates to Epidemiology, and the implications of the article for practice, research and/or policy. Basically, tell us why we should care about this particular article/story.

Grading Rubric:
• 10 Points for finding and selecting a current event to discuss
Narrative portion (do not exceed one page)
• 4 Points for completion of the summary
• 4 Points for relating it to epidemiology and implications it may hold for the future
• 2 Points for writing style: correct citation, thorough, concise, free of spelling and grammar errors, good flow, use of thesis statements

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