Assessment 2: Analytical paper

Assessment 2: Analytical paper
Weighting: 50%
Word count/duration: 2500 words

Submission details: Refer to Submission Requirements (p.Error! Bookmark not defined.).
Marking Criteria and Standards: See page 18

Aim of Assessment

The purpose of this analytical paper is to present your understanding of emergency and disaster
preparedness and response.
On successful completion of this assessment task students will have met the following learning

* Identify the principles that underpin frameworks of disaster/emergency preparedness and
response within primary health care contexts.

* Examine the efficacy of selected frameworks of disaster/emergency preparedness and response
in health care contexts.

* Examine community, multidisciplinary and intersectoral relationships considered essential for
effective disaster prevention, mitigation, preparedness and response.

Write an account on a recent emergency or disaster – with health implications – that has been
reported in the media. Within your paper critically analyse elements of disaster preparedness and
response. Ensure that you include a discussion of community, multidisciplinary and intersectoral

Note: All work must be appropriately referenced.

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