Article Review Project

Article Review Project

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Article Review Project
This project asks you to become familiar with literature of research on teaching in PE. Select 1 article from any of the following journals:
JOPERD, Journal of Teaching in PE (JTPE), or The Physical Educator.
You should become familiar with literature of research on teaching PE. The article must be cited from any one of the following journals. You may use electronic or internet sources. However you must find the full article not just the abstract. Send a copy of the first page of the article and submit it with your literature review. Send the template found on Blackboard along with the copy of the articles first page.

The following journals can be found in the FIU Green Library, 3rd floor- JOPERD, Journal of Teaching in PE, The Physical Educator, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport. Articles must be related to Dance, Gymnastics, or Rhythmic related!!! Journals can be found at the FIU Online Library.

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