Art of the Americas: Supernatural to ancient Americans

Art of the Americas: Supernatural to ancient Americans

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This is for a topic related discussion post response. The argument/ discussions is to be substantive. Please see the attachment for assignment instructions. Also, here you will find the textbook companion to assist with the assignment.


Discussion: Module 12
Discussion Topic Task: Reply to this topic
1. Select three artworks from the Americas that deal with supernatural beings or gods. What do you think they tell us about the importance of the supernatural to ancient Americans? You might choose one work from another chapter in the textbook, for example: figures 1.35, 2.139, 4.51 **NOTE** PLEASE USE THE ATTACHMENT 3.4, as a GUIDE
Kwakiutl Animal Spirits
Nick Cave “Sound Suits”: Art in Motion


**NOT|E** Please include the related links in the references section. Thanks!!

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