Are Dietary Supplements/Vitamins really beneficial?

Please write a research paper that addresses the following question” “are dietary supplements/vitamins really beneficial?
Use three from the four units (biochemistry, molecular genetics, homeostasis, metabolic processes) concepts from Grade 12 biology teachings. Make sure to include 3 out of those 4 and indicate in the introduction that 3 of those 4 things will be spoken about in the paper.
Please add in at least 2 diagrams/figures from scholarly journals (please make sure they are proper and not from a http:www. source…) and address them in the report.
Attached is a copy of the paper outline; however, please utilize more than one scholarly source. In text citations for everything including paraphrasing.
This is for a grade 12 biology course, however it is a senior/university level course so please make sure it is very spot on. Contact me via email if any questions arise.


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