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In this paper you will focus on a single case study of nationalism and archaeology, discussing the theoretical and practical processes involved in using the past in the present for socio-political gains, and the issues archaeologists and anthropologist have with such practices.

Trigger, B.G. (1984), ‘Alternative archaeologies: Nationalist, colonialist, imperialist’, Man 19(3): 355-70 [journal available via library ejournals link].

Rowlands, M. (2007), ‘The politics of identity in archaeology’, in T. Insoll (ed.), The Archaeology of Identities: A Reader. Routledge, London & New York: 59-71 [book available in eBook format via library].

To answer this question you need to read and refer the twoarticles by Trigger (1984) and Rowlands (2007), plus at least one other peer-reviewed article that focuses on your nation of study you may also want to refer to news stories, or other websites that may help you illustrate your case-study.
when you find a peer review article please let me know the name as it has to be checked before using

1400-1500 words,
times new roman-12
citation APA style
please use subheadings and intro/thesis
i have uploaded the tempelate please use that and the grading criteria aswel

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