Arbitrating a case between Kelly and Chris Morris and Slate Moving Company


You are a volunteer Arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You are to arbitrate a case between Kelly and Chris Morris and Slate Moving Company. For this assignment, you will find the following documents:
Request for Arbitration (Attached)
Answer to Arbitration (Attached)
Bill of Lading (the contract between the parties) (Attached)
Moving and Storage Rules of Binding Arbitration (Attached)

As the arbitrator, you will follow the BBB rules and issue a final decision based on the information provided to you.

Assume that you conducted a hearing where Mrs. Morris and Dan Waiters, the owner of Slate Moving Company attended. Mrs. Morris testified to the information that is contained in the request for arbitration and Mr. Waiters testified to the information contained in the Answer. No other information was provided.

Assume that the request was filed in a timely manner.


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