Anti federalist

In a 500-word essay, choose one of the following ratification documents, and provide a brief overview of the paper’s message and the author’s intent in writing it. If you were living during this time, what would your response be to the paper’s message? What is the correlation between the paper’s message and current events? Click here for a PDF of additional requirements for Unit IV essay sources.

Choose one from the following:

1. Antifederalist Papers # 1

2. Antifederalist Papers # 9

3. Anti federalist Papers # 37

4. Antifederalist Papers # 84

5. Federalist Papers # 1

6. Federalist Papers # 10

7. Federalist Papers # 37

8. Federalist Papers # 68

9. Federalist Papers # 69

10. Federalist Papers # 84

Suggested sources to assist you in locating the ratified documents include:

Be sure to include all sources used, including the textbooks, in APA style on a separate references page.

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