Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review

Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review

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There are 2 parts for this paper and this paper is related to my previous order with you (order code 81499876), please refer to this previous paper. Please note the topic for the previous paper was “How much or Do cultural background influences journalists’ views and ethical beliefs?” but I have changed the topic to a more specific target of “Do different cultural backgrounds in Thailand and Australia influence a journalist’s views and ethical beliefs and affecting the way in which news is reported in the media?”
Instructions for this order is to write Annotated Bibliography & Literature Review relating to it.

Part 1. Annotated Bibliography.

Identify at least eight (8) scholarly/academic readings/texts that will form part of the final review of the literature relating to it.For each text, write an 80-100 word paragraph that explains how the reading relates to your work. Questions you might address include: What is the text’s main focus? What argument does the writer present? How does their work relate to your own research/creative/work project? Does it support your own argument? Does it model and/or justify your research design choice(s)?

Part 2. Literature Review example paragraph

Then write a 100-150 word paragraph that may form part of your final literature review. This paragraph is a formal piece of academic writing that should draw on some of the readings you have discussed in your annotated bibliography. This will provide your marker with an opportunity to provide feedback on the writing you will produce within your final essay or exegesis.The ideas you present in this paragraph should be carefully referenced using Harvard style referencing. ****students will be marked down for inadequate or inaccurate referencing**** Here is the link to referencing guide, not sure if you are able to open it (

-Please don’t choose entries that all cover the same idea. Show you’re being quite critical and analytical about the ideas and information you’re going to draw on in your final paper.
– Make sure you do clearly explain why and how each entry relates to your work.

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