Annotated bibliography



Students are required to choose an area of interest and of relevance to their course ( which is criminology have relevance will be Law, Justice system etc.) and
conduct a search of the literature in this area In a few introductory sentences (max 50 words) students explain what their chosen area is and what points of interest they seek to understand further. The chosen topic should also be clear in the Title/heading the student puts at the top of their paper.
 From their search students must find 10 academic and legitimate references relating to the area of their choosing. The references must be from academic journals and books found through the library multi-search tool or through google scholar

Under each of the citations (acting as bolded headings) students write 50-100 words about the reference such as- what it focused on, how and why the research was conducted and what the results revealed.
 This is a summary of the source and CANNOT be copy-pasted from the abstract of the article and MUST be in the students own words.
 Students should ideally save a copy for future reference because this assignment forms part of the larger literature review (similar to an essay on the research) which is required for the final assessment piece ‘research proposal’

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