Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography

This is a class on major author (Langston Hughes). Please read the whole parts of the project, you are free to choose the topic as long as there is available sources

Project: Conference-Length
Paper w/ Annotated Bib and Drafting

Part I: Annotated Bib, Due October 30th
Worth: 10%
An annotated bibliography of 10-15 sources, both primary and secondary. Please use MLA style and summarize and briefly analyze each source. Give more weight and time to those you find most compelling or helpful.

Part II: Proposal, Due November 18th
Worth: 5%
An approximately 2-page proposal addressing what your intervention will be into existing Hughes scholarship, including what approaches you might take in your paper or thesis.

Part III: Draft of Paper, Due December 4th
Worth: 10%
This should be a first draft of any length, beginning to solidify ideas that speak to the problem outlined in the proposal. At this point, an argument that can be supported in the final paper should be identified, and close reading should be brought in to support that argument. This will be graded on whether or not a solid, critically informed argument has been identified, and not on clarity, proofreading, or style. That is, it can be a reasonably messy draft, but should have solid ideas.

Part IV: Final Draft of Paper, due December 7 (final exam time)
Worth: 25%, 10-12 pages
Your argument should be clearly delineated at this point, and your critical intervention should be apparent. This draft should be polished. Part IV will be graded on whether or not your argument has, at this stage, made a solid, supported argument and made an intervention into the scholarship on your topic.

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