Annotated bibliography

Annotated bibliography

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Step 1 – Each student will propose a topic for research related to pharmacy practice. This question can be about treatment for a particular disease or condition, comparable efficacy of two or more drugs, the role of the pharmacist in providing healthcare. The research question should be stated in PICO format.

The first step has been complete. The Q is:

Is Aspirin more effective in reducing blood coagulation with patients who suffer from deep vein thrombosis then warfarin?

Step 2 – Upon approval of their topic each student will do a literature search and find a minimum of eight (8) articles on their topic and create an evaluative annotated bibliography using at least eight of the articles retrieved along with a statement of what databases they searched to find the articles and research strategy used. The bibliography must follow AMA format.

Step 3 – Based on the articles in the annotated bibliography and any other articles retrieved students will write a narrative review of their research topic. This review must follow AMA format.

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