Animal evolution

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Use the 4 slides I attached in :powerpoint 3″ file and make one slide.

The screen shots on slide 1,2 and 3 should all be on the same page and visible, and text on slide 4 should be on the same page as the screen shots.

Maybe the screen shots should be one under the other and the text should be on the other side of the slide.

The second set of slides should replicate the first slide that will be completed but with the content used in presentation 4 attachment

Basically you will piece together information from the slides attached in the file entitled presentation 4 so that it resembles the format of the first slide that you will put together.

So when making the second slide is how would marketing answers which is the name for the second look if it was to be replicated to look like the first slide you will put together. So same concept and flow but different information. and the information will be on the screen shots in power point 4.

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