Analyzing the Financial Statement

(All the necessary financial statements and instructions are attached)You have just been hired as a financial analyst at Baruch College Fund in New York. Your responsibility is to analyze potential investment opportunities and present your research findings to the fund manager. The fund manager has assigned you to analyze the financial positions of two successful retailer companies in USA: American Eagle Outfitters and The Buckle Company. The financial statements issued by American Eagle Outfitters and The Buckle Company are presented in the Appendixes at the end of the textbook.
You are required to write a two-page, double-spaced memo analyzing the financial statements.1 Your report should include, but not limited to, the discussions of the questions below that the fund manager has raised. Use these questions as a way to organize your thoughts as you prepare the report. Submit a hard copy of your memo to the fund manager (your recitation instructor) before the due date specified on the syllabus. No late memo will be accepted.

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