Analyzing a News Item.

This exercise aims to develop your ability to critically analyze contemporary news articles that relate to employment law.

1) Must use the following headings in the paper:

2) Newspaper article with link Summary of Newspaper article

3) Analysis 1

4) Analysis 2

5) Relevance to this Course

1. Newspaper article with link: Select a newspaper article (New York Times,
Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, or other appropriate quality journalism cite) which addresses a current Employment Law topic. You have access to these newspapers free of charge through the University�s library. You should select a news article and not an”opinion” piece. The article should focus on an issue related to what has already been discussed in the class or will be discussed in the class. For example: An Article that discusses OSHA, Unions, Employee Privacy, Discrimination, etc.

2. Summary of the article: Identify the source of the article and date in your summary. In addition, you must attach the article or provide a link to it I can read the original article. The heading for your post should contain a short title that will entice the reader to read your article. Do not simply “copy” large portions of the article. The writing skill of summarizing the most important aspects of the article will be evaluated.

3. Analysis 1: Identify and describe/explain a legal issue and its relationship to
the context of proper HR management [must provide specific legal authority with footnote].

In the context of HR management discuss how HR management should handle the issue in house.

4. Analysis 2: Provide three (3) substantial suggestions with detailed explanation on how to deal with or prevent the issue you have discussed, based on course readings or independent research. Must furnish citation of authority to back up comments.

5. Relevance to the course: Discuss how the event/case/issue is relevant to this course. In other words when was the issue discussed or will be discussed in this course? Explain how the article addresses and expands on material discussed or to be discussed in this course.
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