Analyze a major social issue (e.g., the death penalty is only relevant if you must pull the switch).

this paper is about the personal dilemma, the dilemma need to be approve by the professor before you start writing, please let me know the dilemma ASAP. this is description from syllabus.
Personal Ethical Dilemma

The ethical dilemma you choose should be a decision (i.e., a choice between two or more alternatives). Each of those alternatives should be something a reasonable person could argue for (using a principle-based argument). If one of your choices is obviously wrong or obviously right, it’s not an ethical dilemma — so do not use this as a case. Breaking the law is not considered an ethical dilemma. Do not choose cases where someone is breaking the law and your arguing for/against the action. Change as many names and places as you need to make sure this will not betray any confidences or make you uncomfortable. My goal is to see your reasoning process, not to know your private information. Remember to write in the first person when needed. Please don’t analyze a major social issue (e.g., the death penalty is only relevant if you must pull the switch). When completing this, make sure to spend time analyzing and establishing a solution based upon one of the ethical systems discussed. No more than 1,200 words.

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