Analyzation on the causes of a conflict

Analyzation on the causes of a conflict
Students have to choose a conflict for analyzation (Following conflicts are not allowed: WWI, Vietnam War, Korean War, Israel-Palestine war, Indian and Pakistan war, Yugoslavia war, Saddam Hussein and wars with Iran and Kuwait) I personally prefer Opium War (between Britain and China in 1830s-1840s).

“Topic must center on applying the information and theories on the causes of conflicts brought forth in Causes of War, written by Levy, Jack S. and William R. Thompson, published in 2010 by Wiley-Blackwell, i.e. Realism, Hegemonic Theories, models in dyadic interactions, etc. “Students must choose a conflict and analyze it using theory as it relates to the causes of war.”

Level-of-analysis framework should also be employed throughout the essay (Individual level, society/state level, system level). The conclusion could be one of which can better explain the causes of war chosen and why.

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