Here is a paired sample work planPreview the documentView in a new window and final report Preview the documentView in a new windowon LinkedIn’s unlimited vacation policy, with a few annotations from me on the side.

*This is just ONE sample — please do not mimic the organization exactly as you should have a different topic.

Here are two more student samples:

This Analytical Report Preview the documentView in a new windowwas based on a student’s workplace smoking policies.

In another Analytical ReportPreview the documentView in a new window, this student based the situation on an event in his hometown.

If you feel like you have never written an assignment like this before, think of the AR as being similar to a persuasive or analysis essay formatted and delivered as a business report that reflects “real-world” implications.

**Please skim through all three reports to get a sense of the variations you can have.

(All three were “A”-range papers.)

***Here is the general grading criteriaPreview the documentView in a new window — please follow the AR guidelines Preview the documentView in a new window(+ work plan guidelinesPreview the documentView in a new window) for details.

The work planPreview the documentView in a new window is a preliminary outline of the report you will be putting together in the coming weeks. See the sample work plan on page 240 of B&T. Also make sure you’ve looked through the content on this page.

This assignment required workplan and report. Work plan is 500 words and report is 1500

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