analysis paper about family relation ship

analysis paper about family relation ship

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Using the pdf File that I uploaded. Please write 3 pages paper about the family relation ship. The paper should contain small paragraphs not long paragraphs. You should write about family relationships using the the book I uploaded as a source. You have to find the points in the book where the author talked about his family relationship and analyze them. Find some evidence and support from the same book and you can have your own supports. you can write some general things from outside the book but you have to use the book as a source.

The important thing is to provide an outline about the paper just like the outline model that I uploaded.

Also, You have to do 3 strong theses.

You have to do a hook to grab attention.

You can do citation related to the book between the writing. also, you can do quotation but not more that 2. However, you can paraphrase.

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