Analysis of Cultural Identity

Analysis of Cultural Identity

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SOW 3620/Ethnic and Cultural Identity Paper–Due Thursday Nov 12,  2015- 30%

The aim of this assignment is to examine your own cultural group, the values, norms and beliefs espoused by  your family of origin and the impact of  the social environment, including your family of origin, on thedevelopment of your ethnic and cultural identity.

Please refer to and integrate content of Chapters 4, 6 and 7 in Diller’s text “Cultural Diversity” in your paper. You are welcome to examine any other material related to ethnic and cultural diversity and incorporated it into this 4-6 page paper. Describe your race, your class, your gender and all the areas where you have or have not experienced privilege. Please examine how your family of origin incorporated their values,norms and beliefsof your culture and ethnicity into your family life, and your ethnic identity.A vital part of this assignment is for you to examine the differences between their perspective and your own evolved perspective. Please elaborate on the ways in which economic, social and political factors affected your cultural group’s definition of itself.

Please ensure that you utilize the APA/6 style format in this paper. The use of headings can add organization to your ideas, and clarity to each section. Accordingly, please you may self  select the headings. The paper will be graded according to the following rubric (Mcleod in Bean, 2011).

5                   4                  3                  2                  1                  0
Explains and provides necessary background.    Poorly focused with thesis unclear.    Paper begins without context or backgrounds; reader confused about what writer is attempting to do.
Quality of ideas
10                    9                    8          7             6             5             4         3              2               1              0
Strong insights; remains focused; effectively links course materials to assignment.    Some good insights; loses focus; has gaps between issues and course material is vague.    Is descriptive rather than analytical; tends to summarize course materials.
Use of evidence
5                   4                  3                  2                  1                  0
Excellent use of different course materials to support argument; effectively provides relevant examples and evidence.    Uneven use of evidence and examples; evidence not always directly relevant; over-reliance on single source; significance of quotes not readily apparent.    Lack of evidence and examples; evidence, if provided, not related to overall argument; limited reference to course materials.
Organization and Clarity
5                   4                  3                  2                  1                  0
Clear, well-organized paper; paragraphs begin with topic sentences related to thesis; topic sentences fully developed in each paragraph; paper flows logically reader doesn’t get lost.    Generally sound organization; some topic sentences strong, others weak; some paragraphs not fully developed; reader occasionally confused by awkward organization, unclear sentences, and fuzzy ideas.    Poor organization lacks clarity; paper not organized around coherent paragraphs; paragraphs lack topic sentences; prose is hard to follow and understand.
5                   4                  3                  2                  1                  0
Flawless paper; or an occasional minor error.    Distractions due to spelling, punctuation, grammar errors; writer seems a bit careless.    Paper seriously marred by mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation; lack of editing.

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