An Initiative to Help Resolve Problems at the Appliances Unlimited Subsidiary in Mexico.

Varner and Beamer present the case study “What Else Can Go Wrong” (p. 484-487) about problems at the Mexican subsidiary of Appliances Unlimited. It’s a tale about an American working for a Belgian company at its location in Mexico. Think different cultural priorities could be part of the problem? Absolutely! Since you will be creating real-life communications this week based on this case study, let’s get a head start by exploring relevant issues together.
• Pick one problem at Appliances Unlimited, e.g. production issues, worker unrest, etc.
• Recommend an initiative to help solve the problem within the organization.
• Explain why your idea makes sense given conflicting cultural priorities—name at least two priorities from Chpts.
3-4; e.g., authority, decision-making, uncertainty, relationships, etc.

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