Amyo: Creation of the Identity and Idea of Belonging in Burma under Colonialism

Amyo: Creation of the Identity and Idea of Belonging in Burma under Colonialism

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Please base on the two Word files (Situating the Concept of Amyotharyay) and (Contested Knowledge Creation
Process in Cultural History) which I am going to attach to write a new paper titled “Amyo: Creation of the
Identity and Idea of Belonging in Burma under Colonialism”. Please make sure you cite the following works in the
ile 1
Soe Lin Aung. (2014). Syncretism and Historicity: Towards a Translational Reading of Burmese Marxism. Paper presented at the 2014 Cornell Burma Conference, Cornell University.

File 2
Prasse-Freeman, Elliott., & Phyo Win Latt. (2016). Crony as Class Critique? (Forthcoming). In A. Simpson, N. Farrelly, & I. Holliday (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar. London; New York: Routledge.

Here are the list of works that I want the writer to cite in the paper. It is OK to leave some works if the space
doesn’t allow the writer to cite them all. But please do make sure to bring in ideas or arguments of Marx, Weber,
and Iban Khaldun and cite any relevant works by them.

The Muqaddimah: An Introduction to History, London & Henley: Routledge & Kegan Paul,
Syed Hussein Alatas The Myth of the Lazy Native – A Study of the Image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th Century and its Function in the Ideology of Colonial Capitalism
Timothy P. Barnard Contesting Malayness: Malay Identity Across Boundaries
Robin Winks, Wm.Roger Louis The Oxford History of the British Empire
Ruth Fredman Cernea Almost Englishmen: Baghdadi Jews In British Burma
Jonathan Saha Law, Disorder and the Colonial State: Corruption in Burma c.1900
Nalini Ranjan Chakravarti The Indian Minority in Burma : the Rise and Decline of an Immigrant Community
Moshe Yegar The Muslims of Burma
Craig J. Raynolds National Identity and its Defenders
Frederik Holst Ethnicization and Identity Construction in Malaysia
Ian Brown Burma’s Economy in the Twentieth Century
Michael Adas The Burma Delta: Economic Development and Social Change on an Asian Rice Frontier, 1852-1941
Yamamoto Hiroyuki (Ed) Bangsa and Umma: Development of People-Grouping Concepts in Islamized Southeast Asia

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