agency and employment/business organization custom essay

Answer the Discussion Questions to the Focus on Ethics sections at the end of both Unit 7 and Unit 8. These
Discussion Questions are located on pages 650 and 792 show
your answer in complete sentences and explain the legal reasons for your answers. Citations are mandatory for every
answer and the minimum citation requirement
for each individual answer would be to correctly cite the textbook in proper APA format.. If the cite is a legal case, you must
give the correct legal citation for the casea
to the book would not be adequate to avoid citing the proper legal case.
The text book for the course should be used.The text book should cited in most of the answers but not limited just to the text
Textbook: Business Law, Alternate Edition, 12th Edition; Miller, et al; SouthWestern
Cengage Learning, 2013 ISBN: 13: 9781111530594.



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