Affirmative action research debate assignment

Affirmative action research debate assignment

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In your research, select and analyze three articles related to your assigned position on affirmative action. The articles must be from professional research journals and be available through the ESC library. A suggested approach would be for each team member to find and select a separate article on the assigned topic for the team to review. The team will then decide which articles to use. The articles’ publication dates are to be NO older than three years. Then, complete the following steps:
1. Compose a 2-3 page, double-spaced paper discussing what you team found and its relation to the topic your team was assigned to research. Prepare your paper and save it as an MS Word or RTF file; you will submit it to the entire class in the your course instructor in the M3 Team Debate area.
2. Develop a discussion topic. To do so, your team will provide an overview of the articles selected and your team’s assessment of the articles. Identify at least two issues relating to Affirmative Action addressed in the articles that will form the initial questions, comments you will pose to your classmates and instructor.
3. Interact with your classmates and your instructor in your team’s discussion area, and in the class discussion area where you can view what has been posted by the other teams.
4. Additionally, the following video following video may prove helpful in developing your position.
In this activity, there are discussion areas for each group and an assignment area where each group will post its report.
For the articles selected, provide the following information:
1. title; author(s); publication dates and any other identification information, as may be applicable, such as Volume Number, Issue Number, pages, etc. web address/URL the articles selected from the Professional Research Journals [I will and do check/verify sources].
2. a brief introduction to each article’s content/message.
3. a specific discussion of the importance of the information in each article as it relates to your assigned topic on Affirmative Action.
4. a summary and concluding comments regarding the three articles as a whole. For example, what points do they agree/disagree about; what issues do they raise for workplaces today and in the future?
5. a description of the topic(s) your team selected for the discussion.
Evaluation Criteria Includes
1. Organization and clarity: The paper and discussion comments must have a logical flow and demonstrate a clear understanding of the information presented in the articles.
2. Relevancy: The articles selected, the group paper and discussion comments must demonstrate a fair, unbiased evaluative review of the topic.
3. Contributions to learning: The paper and discussion responses should provide relevant information to deepen and extend the learning of all participants.
4. Mechanics and grammatical correctness: Use word processing tools such as spell checking and grammar checking.
5. Style: Use an accepted style for your paper, such as the APA style guidelines, 5th edition. Be sure that both in text citation and reference list are done correctly.
Why Have Team Assignments?
Business and professional people are frequently called upon to make important decisions that require working in teams that are comprised of many diverse individuals. Important decisions that affect the success of projects are based on locating, analyzing and applying research.
Teams are made up of individuals who will each have a personal bias that affects their view of the project. Everyone has bias and it is doubtful that bias can be eliminated, but the successful administrator or professional is one who is able to identify his or her bias, think critically about the research data and accept the findings in spite of that bias. The data may not agree with the individual’s subjective views, but until further research is found that disproves it, it must be viewed objectively and accepted.
As we become more involved with people from other cultures, these skills become even more critical. Administrators will be called upon frequently to make decisions that will affect workers in other cultures. Professionals, such as teachers and doctors, will work with people from many nations where the belief and cultural systems will be very different from their own. It is the goal of this project to help you to develop these skills.
Some General Do’s and Do Not’s
1. Group projects succeed only when there is active participation of all members. Because your lack of participation affects others, for this project, there will be no makeup that will allow full recovery of missed points from missed discussion periods and written paper submission. Remember it’s a “team” grade!
2. Proper “netiquette” will be strictly enforced.

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