Advocacy strategies that you can use to create change

Identify advocacy strategies that you can use to create change in your current workplace.


Identify advocacy strategies that you can use to create change in your current workplace.


Identify advocacy strategies that you can use to create change in your current workplace.

In Nursing, all nurses have the opportunity to make positive changes and create an impact in the nursing profession through their day to day activities involving advocacy in the nursing profession. Advocacy skills are very important to have in the nursing profession, so nurses can employ and advocate for safe and healthy work environments (Tomajan, 2012). In today’s health care system, we are upon challenging times with these changes impacting the way nurses deliver care in all practice settings. These changes include financial pressures, health care reform, mandates from regulatory agencies to improve quality and patient safety, advancing technology, looming workforce shortages and changes in the patient population (Tomajan, 2012). These changes can challenge resource allocation decisions and adversely affect the work environment. On the other hand, these changes can create workplace opportunities for nurses and for the nursing profession. These opportunities include allowing nurses to have a greater voice in the profession and in regard to advocacy in health care policy features, expanded employment opportunities and enhance the image for nurses in the nursing profession (Tomajan, 2012). Overall, it is important for nurses to work together across employment settings and roles to advocate for one another throughout the profession. Nurses comprise the largest professional group in health care and are recognized as one of the most trusted professions. Therefore, advocacy strategies can be important in the arena of health care and how change can be created in the nursing profession.


Advocacy strategies are important as they provide nurses the ability to be successful in advocating for nurses in the workplace and supporting a cause or interest either on behalf of oneself or the nursing profession. Theses strategies include problem solving, communication, influence and collaboration (Tomajan, 2012). Advocacy is focused on addressing problems or issues that need a solution. Once the issue is identified, goals should be developed along with a strategy to address the issue. Once the strategy is defined, a plan of action is developed to organize advocacy efforts and establish a time line for completing and accomplishing the ultimate goal of addressing the issue and supporting the strategy. Most advocacy initiatives involve approaching decision makers with requests for action to address the identified issue. Before approaching decision makers, however, it is important to take the time to develop a compelling request and to identify the appropriate time and individual to whom to make the request (Tomajan, 2012). To facilitate change nurses must be able to influence others to act. Influence is the ability to alter or sway an individual’s or group’s thoughts or beliefs. Influence is built on competence, credibility, and trustworthiness. Keeping the best interests of those involved in the situation builds trust and credibility. An effective advocate influences decision maker by building a case for the desired change and backing the case with facts and data as well as putting a human face on the issue using a compelling visual image (Tomajan, 2012). Nurses who advocate must also establish positive, collaborative relationships with others to gain the support necessary to address the issue. Collaboration is working with other individuals or groups to achieve a common goal. Collaboration is built on trust, mutual respect, and credibility. Successful collaboration requires careful communication with the groups involved in the process, seeking input when appropriate, and providing ongoing reports related to progress on achieving the goal (Tomajan, 2012).



Tomajan, K. (2012). Advocating for Nurses and Nursing. The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing. Vol 17, No. 1. Retrieved July 11, 2019 from



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