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integrate one of the readings or videos (Beauvoir, Kilbourne, or Engeln) into the analysis of the advertisements. (You may do more than one if you would like.) Here are the links of the videos for Kilbourne and Engeln. 1) Kilbourne — – 2) Engeln — 3) Beauvoir — The ads that I have chosen are either the Doritos commercial and the Thai Sexy and Hot Commercial Fertilizer (Here are the links of the ads in a video form) 1) Rice– 2) Doritos– (Starts at minute 17:07 ends at 17:34) You need to integrate effectively the sources listed above. This means that you need to incorporate textual evidence in the form of quotations. How will Beauvoir or Kilbourne or Engeln see/think about these ads? How do you think about what others might think? Ask yourself, how would Beauvoir see the ad you are examining? Would she think women are being othered? If so, how? What about Renee Engleln? How would she see ads as promoting beauty sickness (or not)? About the number of sources, it depends on what you use. Either the videos to use textual evidence or the reading. And the ads, depends which one you use or both. Im putting 3 sources roughly but it depends on what you use.

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