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Adventist Athletic Directors
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I am also providing approximate lengths for Chapter 1:
1. Introductory Paragraphs: 3-4 pages
2. Statement of the Problem: approximately 300 words
3. Purpose of the Study: less than 1 page
4. Nature of the Study: 2 pages
5. Research Questions: less than 1 page
6. Significant of the study: less than 1 page
7. Definition of Key Terms: 1-2 pages
8. Summary: approximately 1 page
There are notes and directions with in the page that are highlighted as well and outlined that are attached ( theoretical frame work can be deleted I am grandfathered in and do not have to do this
chapter 1 with all suggestions from the last writing and suggestion that are made. There are notes to follow along with in the paper. If you have any questions please feel free to message. I have
attached an outline and rubric that needs to be followed. (I do not have to do a theoretical frame work) Thank you

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