Advanced Financial management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

1-For the first question Kindly follow the written below:


Please analyze and evaluate financial statement using ratio analysis (liquidity rations, asset management ratios, debt management ratios, profitability ratios and market value ratio).


The full formula with the answer, and then analyze it based on average industry and is it good if it;s higher or lower and why?


Industry average for these ratios are: current liquidity = 2.7; quick liquidity = 1.0; inventory turnover = 6.1; days sales outstanding = 30; fixed assets turnover = 7; total assets turnover = 2.6; debt ratio = 40%; times interest earned = 6.2; operating margin = 7.3%; profit margin = 3.5%; basic earning power = 19.1%; ROA = 9.1%; ROE = 18.2%.


2- for the second question :


Please explain:

  1. a) why would be useful to examine a country’s balance-of-payment?
  2. b) please explain Overall balance account and Official reserve account and how will be balance-of-payment balanced? if it’s in surplus how can we get the equilibrium and add if it’s in a negative sign how can we rectify it.
  3. c) please explain Balance of current account



Furthermore, you should fill the tables before even solving the questions and then when your delivering the answer paper it should show completely everything with the tables been filled, the answers, Formulas and our analyses.


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