The assignment is to read the following three scenarios. Using the concepts and skills learned in class, students will have to identify

the strategy and methods to achieve the goal of the scenario. The course material and prior assessments will serve as building blocks to

the final assessment. The Final Project is valued at 30 points

Content requirements: Your report should include the following:

·      An Introduction that explains the purpose of the paper

·      Your assessment of the assignment from the Commissioner

·      A detailed description of your strategy and method(s) to achieve the assigned goals

·      A “References” section, in which you cite the course instructional materials and other sources, using APA citation format

NOTE: Your report of each Assignment should be supported by a minimum of one (1) outside resource (not the course instructional

materials) for a total of not less than three (3) outside resources for the Final Project.

Project Assignment

You are the Director of Programs for a large state correctional system. The Commissioner comes to you with three (3) projects. Each

project has specific goals. Unfortunately, achievement of these goals cannot require an increase in the systems’ administrative or

operational budget. Specifically precluded are any increases in staffing or allotment for new equipment.

Assignment 1

With few exceptions, every inmate in the system is destined to return to the community. Successful transition from institutional life to

community-based supervision is dependent upon the pre-reentry program the inmate will complete prior to parole. The goal is to develop a

detailed outline of the instructional curriculum for inmates eligible for the transition and reentry program and a plan to coordinate the

training of staff members, both inside the institutions and in the Division of Parole.

Assignment 2

The life blood of every correctional system is its budget. In order to plan for future budget needs, the Commissioner must be able to

project future priorities for the correctional systems over the next decade. As Program Director your assigned goal is to identify the

emerging and driving forces over the next ten years that the system will need to manage in order to continue to be effective? This

projection must include what priorities will need to be set, and what changes will need to be made in staffing, technology, training, and

management and supervision to meet these new challenges.

Assignment 3

Within the Commissioner’s correctional system a large medium security prison is nearing completion. This institution will house 1,000 male

inmates transferred in from around the state. The transferees have already been identified. All are convicted felons and their projected

average length of institutional incarceration is approximately 37 months. As the Programs Director your goal is to identify which

traditional correctional programs should be replicated in the new institution as well as any new programs to meet the needs of these

offenders. Describe each program, the eligibility criteria for inmates (if any), and the intended outcomes.

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