accounting financial statement analysis and ratios and adjustments

accounting financial statement analysis and ratios and adjustments

Paper details:
First of all, this project is about Financial Accounting Analysis for advance accounting degree! So, the person who is going to do the assignment must hold an advance Accounting degree master or Phd from United States university! and great at reading financial states and 10-k statements!!! if you do not have a writer with these qualification, please tell me that you do not!! because this is a very important project to me and worth 50% of the total grade of this course! so any little mistake will fail me in this course which is my final course to graduate!! so be aware of that responsibility!

your assignments:

1- review and correct the excel files names “GameStop FS&Ratios” :

make sure all the numbers in financial statements are correct using the files named “Gamestop10K(1)” and “Gamestop10K(2)” and make sure all the ratios are correct and the calculations are accurate and correct! I uploaded power points slides named ” module3,4,5,6″ use them to know the formals for the ratios!! so your job is to make sure all the information and the calculation of the excel sheets are accurate and correct!!

2- after you make sure all the information, numbers, and the calculations are correct in number 1! there is a word file in the attachment named “Project – ADJ and Understand Listing” what you need to do is find the adjustment accounts in the finical statements in the 10-k files for the 2015 and 2014 years!! make sure that you only adjusts what is listed in the file named “Project – ADJ and Understand Listing”

note: when you are doing the adjustment do it is separate sheets of excel! I meant after you done with part 1 above open new ecxel sheet and copy and past the finical statements and ratios sheet and name every sheet for example adjusted balance sheets, adjusted income statement, adjustment ratios, adjusted cash flow statement, adjusted ratios part2!!

the adjustment that the company made usually found in the 10-k I provided! under ” note consolidated financial statements” if you are holding advance degree from united state in accounting you know where to find these information in the 10-k and know how to do it!

note: when you do the excel you must show the calculation formal! see the picture in the attachment name “pic” of what I mean by showing the calculation.

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