Accountability – NSW Police

Accountability – NSW Police

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“With great power comes great responsibility” (Voltaire, 1832)

As a police office, you are required to do the right thing in order to meet both the public and NSWPF expectations. Discuss how you will ensure that your actions or inactions as a police officer meet these expectations ethically, professionally and accountably.
Your discussion must include reference to appropriate legislation and policies. You must refer to at least 3 academic articles to support your work. Your assignment must NOT be a summary of previous ethics subject material, the Statement of Values or Code of Conduct and Ethics. You may use short police related examples to support your work, but it must primarily be an academic discussion.


In completing assessment item two, the student should be able to demonstrate the ability to:
o discuss what it means to be accountable as a police officer;
o utilise the NSW Police Intranet to locate various police policies relating to ethical considerations;
o critique a number of ethical considerations that ought to inform their professional practice;
o apply specific items of legislation and/or police policy to ethical issues
o overcome problems and make decisions in a policing context whilst remaining accountable on individual and organisational levels.

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