ACCO 350 – Fall 2015 / System Design Project with MS-Access

ACCO 350 – Fall 2015 / System Design Project with MS-Access
Purpose: The purpose of the System Design Project is to 1. apply information system
knowledge and computer skills to design and build a computer-based accounting
information system, 2. utilize the REA diagram, 3. gain experience creating Tables,
Forms, Queries, and Reports with the relational database MS-ACCESS, 4. use database
to develop managerial reports, and 5. be more familiar with Strategic Performance
Management System (SPMS).
Required: Search for and select a firm, preferably located in the Montreal area. Make
the assumption that the firm expands and needs a computerized SPMS to evaluate and
monitor its performance. Accordingly, in addition to Financial information, the firm will
need information on Customers, Internal operations, and Employees dimensions. The
choice of the firm has to be confirmed with the Professor. You need to propose and
justify to firm’ managers three key performance indicators (KPIs) for each of the four
dimensions, for a total of 12 KPIs.
Firm’s case should be analyzed by referring to all materials covered in class. The
Systems Analysis chapter (week 6) is a good starting point. Computer-based control
mechanisms and opportunities to use IT are vital for successful AIS, consequently these
must be explicitly addressed in designing your system.
Submission: Your project has to include: 1) System analysis, 2) a REA diagram, 3) a
Microsoft Access file where tables are populated with data large enough to allow testing
and present the system to users, and the class; provide Access Tables, Forms, Queries,
and Reports to perform the functions needed by the system; your system needs to
generate at least six (6) distinctive Access Reports, based on KPIs you developed, and 4)
a Professional Report of your work in a form that any managers would find useful. The
report includes the analysis of the current AIS of the selected firm, identification of its
strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for improvement, and the SPMS developed. You
may include any other materials you find useful to get a better understanding of what you
have done. The Report is limited to maximum eight (8) pages.
Presentation: The last two classes are reserved for presentation of your System Design
Project. A qualified presentation, using PowerPoint slides, has to be performed as a team,
with professionalism, followed by class discussion. All group members have to be
present and aware of the full project. Any one of the group members may be randomly
requested by the Professor to present the AIS developed, and/or answer questions on the
project. Provide me your report and PowerPoint slides on November 24th, at 10AM.
System Design Project / Checklist
Select a firm to be analyzed by referring to all materials covered in the course.
Analysis of the current Accounting Information System; 1. Strengths, 2. Weaknesses,
and 3. Suggestions for improvement (Maximum 2 pages).
Internal control, Computer-based controls, and Opportunities to utilize Information
Technologies (Maximum 1.5 pages).
A Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS): Propose and Justify Three
(3) KPIs for each of the Four dimensions (for a total of 12 KPIs) having
Quantification and Time frame. Explain how to Gather the data required for each
KPI. (Maximum 2 pages).
An REA diagram of the system designed, with Entities and Relationships
(Maximum 1.5 pages).
A Table showing the required Primary keys, Foreign keys, and Attributes
(Maximum 1 page).
A USB key/CD with a Microsoft Access file including Tables, Forms, Queries, and
Reports matching the SPMS and the REA you developed. The system has to function
The System designed has to generate at least Six distinctive Reports. Reports have to
be clear, evident, useful, and pertinent to managers for decision-making.
A Professional Report of the work you have done; maximum 8 pages.
Prepare a 20 minutes class presentation; all group members should be familiar with
how to operate MS-Access and explain the project/report submitted.
Peer Evaluation Form completed by each student to evaluate the contribution of each
group members; to be submit at the same time as the project/report.

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