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Abstract (approximately 300 words)
Summarize, in a concise paragraph, the purpose of the report (state the hypothesis and/or the aims of the report), the major method used, data presented, and major conclusions in about 200 words. The abstract is always written in the past tense (what you did, what you found and what it means). The abstract is presented after the title and before the introduction but it is usually the final section of the report that is written.

Hypothesis: We hypothesize that when Trichostrongylus  colubriformis  L3 larvae are cultured in an in vitro system that mimics the intestinal niche of the sheep that the parasite will develop into L4 and adult stages.

Aim: the primary objective was to improve the existing cultivation system that is enhance the growth and development of the nematode Trichostrogylus colubriformis .


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