About Food

About Food
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Developing / Supporting a Topic 100
1,700 words (max) / 1,500 words (min) Use MLA design for Title Page, Header
Read the two articles posted on the course Moodle site ? Mark Ruhlman?s ?Is Food Writing Important?? and Mark Bittman?s ?How to Eat Now?. Make sure that you clearly understand their main points ? you might even need to read them a few times.
After you read the articles, write a 5-page essay, developing content from both personal experience and common knowledge. This essay needs to contain a thesis and develop content that covers a topic / theme from the articles.
PRO 1 is purposely vague, as we?re working on the skills of reading comprehension, topic development, and content development.
Required Resources
None ? See statement below.
Writing Goals
? Understand and apply basic writing processes, including time management.
? Practice, develop, and apply invention techniques for developing a topic (pre-writing) and
developing content.
o Do not use outside resources for developing PRO 1 ? it defeats the purpose of what
we?re trying to develop.
? Understand and apply basic narrative structures (evident through content placement and
transitions) to make writing readable and easier to understand.
? Understand and apply information on thesis types and thesis development.
? Understand and apply various editing strategies for error-free drafts.
Critical Thinking Goals
This assignment asks you to read about and analyze an issue, using synthesis, inference drawing, and judgment making.

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