A Third Runway for Heathrow Airport?

A Third Runway for Heathrow Airport?

In July 2015 , the Davies Commission on airport expansion recommended a new third runway at Heathrow Airport.
The proposed expansion involves constructing a new 3,500m runway two miles north of the existing two runways, at an estimated cost of £18.6bn. Assessment requirement Students are required to evaluate the project risks associated with the proposed construction of a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

The evaluation must include an identification and assessment of the possible risks associated with the project and recommendations of suitable risk responses for the major risks identified, linking the Evaluation to relevant project risk management theory. The evaluation must be presented as a written report of 2,000 words.
The following outlines what students need to do to complete this assignment successfully and the percentage of marks available for each aspect:

1.analyse secondary data sources and project risk management theory (20%)

2.structure an approach to addressing the topic and justify their selection of theory and practice addressed (20%)

3. critique theory and practice (30%)

4.conclude and make recommendations, for theory and/or practice (10%)

5.cite and reference all sources correctly and consistently (10%)

6. report presentation and standard of writing (10%)

What is being assessed?

The assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:
K&U 1. Explain and illustrate the sources of risk and uncertainty in the
project environment and their potential impact on project outcomes and
business performance;

K&U 3. Explain and illustrate the theories that underpin project risk
management techniques and the implications for project management.
S&A 4. Evaluate project risk management theory and critique theory in
relation to practice;

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